Monday, July 09, 2007

More podcasts...

I just had to write another short entry on podcasts. My friend Emily turned me on to the Craftsanity podcast. LOVE IT, LOVE IT...

Then whilst I browsed for that one, I also found one called Annie Smith's Quilting Stash... This one is a bit folksier, but she is so enthusiastic, it is catching.

I listened to the most recent ones, where she interviews Susan Branch and they are a lot of fun. What really resonated in me was when Susan talked about the times in your life when you feel like you should be doing something creative. You know you want to create something, but you just don't know what and you kind of feel crappy about that.

Well, she called that time for her....the Foundation for Creation. I think that she talked about how it was her sub-conscious self was working out some of the kinks in a project before her conscious self could start it. I liked that. It gives me hope.

Right now, I am feeling a bit crappy about not being inspired. So, this morning I took out the applique stuff and decided just to bull through a project. I really want to master this new technique that I saw...and really is it going to get done if I am just brooding about it??

Onward and upward!

**note on quilt pictured above**
This my quilt guild's raffle quilt for this year. I think that it is just beautiful, it is king-sized and a hexagon-ish shape.




I think I understand what she is talking about...I have been drawn into my sewing room a number of times and I just kind of look around and walk out. I really want to create but I am having trouble starting. Maybe I just need to power in to it.

Diane said...

Glad to hear your tackling an old quilt project. It's true, it won't get done by itself. My problem is that I've been away from my machine so long that I've kind of lost confidence. Got-to-get-back-to-it!

emilyruth said...

i am definately going to check out that podcast
even though i don't consider myself a real quilter
(i'm more of a sew things togeter & hey maybe that looks like a little quilt-er...os something)
i have realized since starting
to listen to craft sanity
that i love hearing creative people talking
about their stuff
it is very inspiring!

as far as the susan branch thing goes
i love that
the idea that even when you aren't 'feeling it' that your brain is still working
& that all of the parts make up your creative time
not just the parts when you are actually physically working on your projects
i really love this
i must listen
because i love susan branch too
i had a few of her books when i was a young girl
& her little comments
& cute little drawings are so fun
very sweet...

thanks, jmb
you are inspiring!

Yaz and Rob said...

My brooding need to create is the guitar I lugged across the world and then have not touched in a year. I say this Fall I will take lessons. I hope it happens.