Thursday, May 29, 2008

AHhhhh, I love livin' the blog life...

I am sure that I am the only mom who sometimes dreams of living in the clean, quite Land o' blog. The land where no one is screaming or peeing on you. The land where creative ideas and bulging fabric (or whatever your pleasure) stashes flourish. The land where you just get to be your best self, the one who never yells at their kids and who never has to leave music performances because #2 keeps yelling "WHAT IS THAT MAN DOING?" The best self, who keeps her cool all day long, even when the kids keep alternating who is going to be the sweet and gentle boy and who is going to have a grand tantrum in a quiet, but very public place. Why can't they both (and maybe me too.) just scream and get it out of their system and then we can play and have a good time???? Why?

Blogland, where I can retreat and post (on a hairy-scary realworld day)about frivolous things like my cute pincushions. I got these from a nice woman at the, get this, Antique tractor and quilt show that our WHOLE family went to a few weekends ago. Really, there was something for each of us to see and enjoy. I really liked the graphic lines of the old tractors and THERE WERE QUILTS! We all had a great time (maybe I will post some pics tomorrow.) I also get to share the strawberry needle case that I got at a quilt show. I never thought that I would need something like this, but I do is so handy. Also in Blogland I can frivolously post about new fabric that I bought in Portland during Quilt Market Weekend. I took some money with me that was just for being crazy...I was. There just was this sale (famous last words...)
I have more fabric, of course, but how much can I post?? My favorite piece (right now) is this one:
The Echino booth at the Market had a little purse made out of was just so deliciously weird, like fabric Tim Burton would have lining his suit coat. I like the birds and the spiders and there is a bee... it is just too bizarre. Maybe I will cut it, maybe it will have to go in to the stash and "age" a bit. I can take it out every so often and pet it and think of what it "might" be made in to...We will see.


Did you here that? I feel a bit better now after visiting the Land o' blog. My heart a bit lighter, blood pressure able to face the next 26 hours, ALONE with THEM, while my husband is in Phoenix on a business trip. (I will be just fine, but what would I be without the drama?)



Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so sorry about the little terrors, but you'll make it through.

oh my oh my I LOVE that tim burton suit lining fabric. that is incredible. how much did you get? I can see doing a quilt with just a big big portion of that fabric surrounded my a border (like my Halloween Faces and Cranky Witch.) either plain or pieced border. could be cool with sawteeth or a spikey piano key border. the good thing about playing with that option is that you don't have to cut up the fabric to see you like it. Or maybe 10"ish squares of fabric surrounded with those kinds of borders and then joined together... lots of ideas, what incredible fabric. have fun playing and I'll happily bounce ideas with you.

Lily Boot said...

oh dear - the things they do to us! Blogland is so neat isn't it - bit scary! I rang a friend today to chat over our week and everything I began to tell her, she said , I know, I read it. Hhm! I wish you a good 26 hours - with a nice dollop of time for you to be creative whilst they're ... watching a movie? p.s. adore the fabric - can't wait to see what you do with it!

Archaic Dome said...

So, um... what WAS that man doing?

Isn't it funny that that's the only thing I grabbed out of that whole post? lol

jmbmommy said...

Funny, funny...the man was doing such odd things like introducing performers and walking around the was a crazy day!

Diane said...

Love, love, love the persimmon fabric! Business trips are hard on the whole family. I remember exploding at my toddler for splahing in a muddy puddle...which I had hosing down a dirty patio...which daddy would have hosed down...if he hadn't been on a business trip. We ended up going out for ice cream, muddy clothes and all!

emilyruth said...

that fabric is great!
all of it but especially the spiderwebby birds bees & burton one:)

thanks for always sharing your beautiful finds!

i like blogland too:)
i never really thought of it that way
but it really is another quiet
non yelling
non peeing
non creative block

i like to visit too
but i wouldn't want to live there
the food looks delicious
but it tastes like computer screen

Yaz and Rob said...

Big hugs! I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relate. Sometimes, can it just be QUIET, that is all I yearn for. 5 minutes of them being polite and quiet. Of course, I feel this way when they are loud and the times with they are polite and quiet I forget to reflect.