Saturday, May 31, 2008

New things learned...

See this happy face? This is a boy so happy that he is FINALLY riding on a big kid swing. 5 minutes later he decided to just let go of the ropes, just like in the baby swing, and he fell. He was so sad. He said that he bounced his head. We were sad too. Don't worry he was totally fine and running around 5 minutes later.
I was cutting all of the fat quarters for the 118th post giveaway and as I was about to slice the large floral pictured above, I thought--"I need a little summer project bag and this is some great material (Thanks Em!!)."

So, making one bag is just as easy as making 2--and it fits all the fabric and the super-cool mix CD too...Hooray! It was nice to sew something today!
12 hours left...


Duo El Borde said...

just bounced in to your blog: just by destiny one could say.
Love the things you do! and the coment about your kid. ok, and the pictures..

Kathie said...

beautiful bag, and great fabrics in that pile there!
cute picture on the swing...oh sorry to hear about the fall. He will never let go again!
they are always learning and we are too!

upstateLisa said...

Sorry to hear about the fall. I guess he won't do that again, huh?
great fabrics!!!

Diane said...

You know you are probably too late to enter a blog give-away if you have to calculate the difference in time zones between Illinois and the west coast. Looks like someone is getting some pretty great fabric. So sorry your little one fell off the swing but glad you managed to capture his glee before the fall ~ great photo!

emilyruth said...

i can't believe i gave you that fabric!
what on God's green earth was i thinking?!?

oh well
there will be other fabric...
& your bag looks so good!
so super cute!
makes me almost ready to stop using my prototype bag
& start on my real life one...


Yaz and Rob said...

Love it! I think this is the fabric from the Quilt Market....very nice. Also, Ben is so big. I love the 30 second sadness that dissapates with the next thought.