Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring is really here...

I guess we all have our own reactions to watching our first marathon...
Yo-- if looks could kill...
He actually had a great time, but this frown is so funny.

My eldest invited us all out for an exciting breakfest at Denny's. It was very fancy and we all could have just what we liked. The boys prefer pancakes with a side of pancakes. I think that they would eat them morning, noon, and night if I would let them.

Yesterday the eldest told his Grandma---
"You and Grandpa should stay at Motel 6, you would really like it."
Grandma replied "Would we? Why?"
"Because there is a Denny's next door and then you could have pancakes when ever you liked."

Well, great. If that is all it takes to keep him happy, our road trip this summer should be easy-peasy. There are Denny's all across our fine country!

After the marathon sighting, (I was the only one who cheered, everyone else just smiled and rocked back and forth with their hands in their pockets) we saw our first goslings of the season. They were very cute, but stuck on the apartment side of the fence, I hope they finally found the water.
I also spotted my first lupine of the season-- So beautiful. What wonderful engineering!
Later in the afternoon, my eldest thought that he needed a wrist pincushion. We made it together, he is an excellent project director and stuffer. It was a great time.

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emilyruth said...

i am total cheerer too!
i ran the 5K & you get so tired of people just watching you run by...
like hello?
i am working my butt off (hopefully) give me something people!

those little ducklings are so sweet
we spotted some too a few days ago...funny little puff balls...