Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A tutorial follow-up!!!

Here it is folks: My fool proof way of avoiding this and this. I just put some extra pins in the sides to hold up the extra backing and VOILA... No need to resort to the mad skillz that I have developed with scissors and a seam ripper AND I still had enough material to hold while I quilted the edges. (I understand that this may have been obvious to some, I just really need to learn things the hard way.)
The boys are ready. They are rockin'. They are a-rollin'. They are ready to find the 118th post celebration winner! All you need to do is comment here about who is the Rock Star that you would most like to meet...they don't need to be a Musical rock star, or a Rock Star quilter...just someone you have thought is cool and would like to meet. June 1st @ noon, it's a good thing (you could want to meet Martha, I am afraid that prospect is still a bit too scary for me.)


Diane said...

Oh, those boys are just too cute (butterig up their mama for the business trip ahead...which I wouldn't know about if I didn't read your blog backwards).

Yaz and Rob said...

I think Ben and Rowan are going to be so into each other! Am I putting alot of pressure on it for them? Favorite rock star...hmm....I was just listenining to Tracy Chapman the other day, maybe her...