Monday, November 26, 2007

dear sisters...

Two people that I did not mention on my thankful post the other day really just each need their own sistahs! I am sorry for those of you who do not have sisters...they are the best, and the worst...most laughs and the worst fights... BUT that is not what this post is about.

This post is about going to see Evita with my youngest sister...her first musical...ON STAGE. We just had the most wonderful time watching EVERYTHING: how they did the sets, the lighting, drawing your attention from one area to another to rearrange things out of your view. It was all just so cool.

Truly, the coolest part was the look of joy on my sister's face after the first song. Ecstatic? Awed? I think more just "joy-struck". I felt the same way after I first saw "Les Miserables"--- What people can do with their voices, their energyand their story...just totally transport you to a different place and time.

This trip also reinforced the power of the Arts in our everyday lives, performing and otherwise. I need to take more opportunities to experience the wide range of artistic endeavours around me. The price of a ticket is so small compared to the world that is opened up.

Thank you, Youngest Sister, it was wonderful! Save me a seat for the next one!

I know that the Buy Handmade holiday idea has been around and back already (and it isn't even December)... I am totally on board and would like to invite people to join with me in supporting your local artisans (and then Etsy of course) and even get involved yourself and make some or all of your gifts this year. I am already feeling less cuckoo-louckoo about the holidays and I met some really great artists this past weekend...much better.


emilyruth said...

sisters are fun
that is true:)

where did you meet some artists, miss?
someplace fun & cool?
i want to know...

i love the buy handmade thing
very much
there is just so much to be said for making it yourself
& buying it from someone who made it themself
the person who made it is handing it to you
very cool
i need to go to the holiday market
that is for sure...

okay rambling on my own blog is fine
but rambling on someone else's blog
not so good....


jmbmommy said...

I enjoy a good blog ramble...Gracias!


Sisters are great! Wouldn't trade mine for all the hand made gifts in the world!

Yaz and Rob said...

Hi ya, fancy that we just made our chrismas cards for Ben and Sam yesterday. Also, we are making a really cute movie we are sending as our family gift. I am inspired by the movies you gave us when we moved.