Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better late than never...the learning curve is proving to be steep...

Messenger bag
Tea cozy
OK, for those of you who are die-hard mac users...I salute you.  I am trying really hard, really I am.  But today, January 7 is my first post of the year, because I am getting so bogged down in the photo programs on this silly mac.  I tried iphoto and had a really hard time finding things and then if I wanted to adjust anything it was daunting.  (how can I trash pictures that are ugly with out doing it during a slide show?)  I was so annoyed...because really I want the computer to do all of my thinking for me...and just let me be creative the WAY that I want to be creative, WHEN I WANT TO!  I downloaded Picasa tonight and I had a much easier time with that interface.  It still seems like there are many copies of the same thing still...but I was able to catch up on my 365 project through mid November and SO I am a bit less cranky.

I am still trying to figure out how to make my pictures smaller so I can post them to the blog directly from the computer (this time I went through Flickr, because it was something I knew how to do.)  I think that I will get Photoshop and that might help too.  (I was kind of learning to use it before the switch.)  The worst part of all of this frustration is seeing my poor husband cringe when I go ON AND ON... he really just wanted me to be un-tethered and free to live my Web 2.0 lifestyle.

Honey, it is going to be OK.  I am just a big baby and I am trying to learn to walk here...  give me a chance and I will try to whine less.

Whine less...I guess that is my big profound message today folks.

I did want to share two of my favorite projects that I made for Christmas for each of my sisters.  They are both a wool felt applique on 2 everyday objects that I hope my sisters will use and enjoy.  The dog is a silhouette of Sadie, RebaStar's chocolate Lab-Pitt mix.  She is a great dog and they all got to stay with us over the holidays.  When I crashed the day after Christmas, she was able to occupy my oldest son with a marathon game of Monopoly.  He was so proud that he won, due to investing in Boardwalk and Park Place and building hotels.  "Mommy, I never bought on that side of the board before."  You are moving on up, little man!

The messenger bag was for Miss M and to be honest, I am not sure that she will use it... mostly because it isn't from American Eagle or some other ridiculous corporate store....but hopefully someday she will look at it and realize that it is WAY COOL and her older sister ROCKS!

I think that this is about enough for today...  Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will be feeling more deep and profound.  I did pick a word for this year...and did I tell you, that I think it is going to be a doozy??  Good and all, but a doozy!


Diane said...

Um, you lost me with the whole Picasa vs Flickr vs Photoshop interface thing. You can't be doing too badly if you're able to use the word "interface" correctly. I love your felt projects. Did you draw the designs yourself for the dog and sparrow? Hang in there. I haven't posted for January yet and when I finally get around to it, you'll understand why.

alobsiger said...

I wish the Mac thing was going better. I get on a Windows machine and can't compute my way out of a paper bag. While this is probably not the most efficient way of doing things in iPhoto, I usually make any color, etc., adjustments (the little edit icon at the bottom) and then use the Export menu item (under the File menu) to save photos as whatever size jpeg I want. This probably doesn't help, but I thought I'd try.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh nooo that's going to be me after I get my new Mac (next week???!!!). You've seen the tutorials page?

emilyruth said...

so sorry about the mac annoyance
i promise you
once you get it down you will fall madly in love with your mac
you will name it
& make it valentines

your presents for your sisters are so great!
is the sadie dog a toaster cover?
teapot cozy?
sewing machine cover?
it's so cute!


Clare said...

If ever I change from Windows to Mac I'll know who to come to for advice!

Bset of luck - you are obviously doing the right thing.