Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blogger blahs...

These pictures might look like things are rosy and fun over here...and I guess they are....
I have got a case of the Blogger blahs.....
The kind that hit when you get tired of struggling with technology, and all the wondering of why a silly little banner can't be added to your header...and then you just want to throw in the towel, and then you really want to boycott the whole blogosphere....grrrr...
And then you realize that you would only be making yourself sad, because you just like to express yourself.....and well, I guess I am back.

I just want everyone to know that day by day I am getting more irritated that I am unable to create my blog vision the way that I want....I just might have to learn some out!

BUT to keep it on the positive side...look at the fun we had the other day at a nice woodland...not too far makes me think that I can have a bit of Swedish utopia a bit closer to home. (because isn't that what I want to be about anyway?...creating beauty, seeing beauty....right where I am.)

It looks like he is saying "Wait guys..." But, I think that he was just calling out to the garbage truck...a friendly boy.

So, everyday I look at these lashes, I look at the littlest one's lashes, and I look at my husband's lashes---then I look in the mirror and I am always so surprised that mine are so short and stubby. I guess, I got the long legs gene and you just can't expect to get everything.
I love it when kids cross their is both so grown-up and so awkward. Speaking of awkward, we are going through a phase at our house where this one never wants to wear his shirt....In the morning he is just sitting in the crib, grinning, shirt-less and chilly. Better the top than the bottom, I guess.

Long arm Picture ALERT....but look, he is smiling AT the camera. This one always keeps it interesting....I guess they both really do, but this one....I got to be on my toes mentally ALL THE TIME.

This happened later the same evening....I need to remember to get them out in the fresh air (as colds allow) the mood in the casa...and my mood as well...always more chill.

Finally....Ta-da! The second of 2, the one for a special person left in the mail today and I will post the picture of it later. This one I really made for myself. I even made a label and it is called "I always wished for a horse". On the front I embroidered "If wishes were horses, I would ride, ride, ride." Just a bit from a bluegrass song that always gets going around and around in my is about someone with a wanderlust....and where I don't have one physically...I think that I do have one mentally and creatively. This one was really fun to do and it was QUITE the feeling to get all of the finishing done and have a hang-able nice thing done.
OK, that was a bit much, but sometimes you can't keep the preteen down!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

really cute kids and yes, eye lashes to envy. yeehaw! I love your horse quilt. Keep playing and don't let the blogger blahs keep you down.

Diane said...

I know how you feel about the technology thing. I've been just one widget away from pulling the plug on my blog several times. Loved your photos and the quilt turned out great!

emilyruth said...

wonderful beautiful pictures
of wonderful beautiful kiddos
& mama...
you've got soule, if you know what i mean (wink wink)

so nice to see you back...
i missed you!
& don't worry
everybody gets the blogger blahs
(well everybody who blogs does)
it's good to take a little break
(very little:0
& then come back to us
i'm so glad you did


Yaz and Rob said...

Love seeing Ben and Sam! Ben is looking so old. He and Rowan would be such buds if they met. Also, love the quilt and the satisfaction in finishing it. I have been hibernating and it is good to check in and see you and yours....