Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thrifty, thrifty, maybe a little bit crazy...

It seems like everyday at about 5:00pm, give or take 15 minutes, our household is DONE. We are waiting for the Daddy to get home, we are poking each other, we are screaming, we are crying, we are tired. I am usually trying to get dinner together and WAY tired of answering questions and not being allowed a private thought. Last night the tension rose and rose and when my husband came in the door....I looked at him and simply said "I need to leave", it was not forever, or even very long, but I was really fried.
So I left for the library and for the cost of the gas, (which is going up everyday I know...) I was able to take a mini vacation and I brought home about 50 pounds of quilting books and this little beaut (above). I just love Jane Sassaman. I picked up The Quilted Garden: Design and Make Nature Inspired Quilts from the library years ago...and she has been a favorite ever since. I am excited to watch the show.
The other day I was driving past the local Goodwill and saw some smallish bikes...I popped in and the bikes were not to my liking, (and I know that it is WAY too EARLY for Christmas) but they did have all these great pieces of fabric!!!! I just love cardinals and the gaudiness of the round table cloth WITH pom-poms IS SO WONDERFUL. I quickly shoved it into my cart, I was so afraid that someone else was going to swipe the Precious from me. The snowman print is actually a queen size sheet...can you say quilt back??? The Santa fabric was an over the top cheezy valance, complete with ruffle, I think that I might be into fashioning an apron...we will see. Also, a yard and a half of Merry Hello Kitty for 99cents? How can I say no? My 4 year old put in an order for a pillowcase just this afternoon...
I thought that I should leave the store, but on the way out I found this RAD, crazy looking Santa tablecloth in X-cellent condition and some sweet little hand towels. I love when I can find cool stuff at the thrift stores and garage sales, but when I find SUCH cool things and such LOW prices, I am not interested in buying things new anymore....spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.
SO, back to my original thoughts....I know that other people's houses get "the crazies"....what do you do? I sometimes try to save a video for this time, but then the letdown after the video is over is almost worse... if you have any ideas.... I would welcome comments!!!


Yaz and Rob said...

So, accouple of things. First of all, I am convinced that buying resale is one of the best things one can do for the environment. So, when possible I think resale is recycle. Also, I have been trying candlet dinners lately to bring the tone down at the table. It is kind of working. Also, when losing it I think having a schedule of adult only activities is essential. I am forcing myslef to go to a weekly cooking class lately, nit for the recipes (which are good), but for the interaction with others that are over 4 ft tall.

Material Mama said...

I love that santa!!! Great thrifting score!

Thanks for listening,

emilyruth said...

love all the stuff
i love finding old fabric too
it's so much better than walking inot joanne's
but i don't mind that too much either
i have been thinking more about just re-fashioning theings i have
& i've been playing around with the kids old stained clothes
it's really pretty fun & inspiring

at that horrible hour
we try to go outside
i know it's getting cold
but it is reall the only thing that actually works
& they both get the wiggles & the sillies
(& the annoyings...ahem!) out
staying in the house
is the surest way for me to want to lock myself in the bathroom
i have also tried to start dinner earlier
so that we can go outside before we eat
then i'm not crazy trying to get everything ready
& some days it even works
& i just pop it in the oven or wherever


ps so happy i was here to see your celeb visit!
so cool!

Left Coast Sister said...

LOVE those fabrics, you thrifty crafter!
After about 5.30 is the witching hour at my homestead too... I do sometimes send them out or, if the wind should blow just right, I go into the laundry room (where they are not allowed because of the dangerous chemicals (someday they will question that, but so far, so good)) and I breathe for about 10 seconds. Sometimes I turn on Enya, because she has that happy-light-ethereal tone that the dinner hour is missing... but today, I tried crayons and a poster-size paper and that bought me about 15 minutes of quiet... maybe it was just doing something new, but I do think it takes shifting the pace a bit... And other times, it seems quite unavoidable.

Diane said...

Have you thought about sending the boys into the kitchen to fix dinner while you read a magazine?

Diane said...

It's me again, feeling guilty about my previous comment. You posed a serious question on a serious issue and I left a comment that might be construed as rude and sarcastic. My apologies. It's been a long time, but I do remember my own frustration as a mom when the 5 o'clock hour rolled around. I have no idea how I coped. I probably declared it "movie time."