Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a list to help me remember! the end of the day, if I complete them, I am so tired I can't remember what I have accomplished. So, today a list:
1)Woke @ 3:33 with hysterical known cause...he finally said that he wanted to go back to his own bed around 4:30??? I was supposed to be asleep.
2)Dressed children.
2.5)Showered self---Thank Goodness!
3)5 loads of laundry...AND put them away!
4)2 loads of dishes....AND put them away!
6)Dropped off load to Goodwill and picked up coffee beans...very necessary!.
7)Made lunch and got everyone to eat lunch.
8)Made 2 batches of Banana Bread--very tasty
9)Made Dijon/honey Sweet potatoes and a ham for dinner.
10)Made it through 2 tired boys trying for an hour and a half to fall asleep.
11)Completed 1 blog entry for self...
now maybe I won't forget and the next time I do...I can read this and give myself the benefit of the doubt.
Peace out



WOW!!!!!! I don't get that much done in an entire weekend and I don't have kids. You are amazing!

emilyruth said...

hello wonder woman...
5 loads of laundry & put away?
maybe i should have finished college...

Diane said...

Well done!

Yaz and Rob said...

What a loaded day. Is it ever unloaded though? I love the 7 day a week, 6 am wake up at our house. I feel like I have become Captain Power Organizer....Love to know we are living parallel lives across the globe.