Wednesday, November 21, 2007


my first little top-let for my class is done...just needs some quilting. Maybe tomorrow! I loved doing the embroidery, I used to do cross-stitch A LOT...this is WAY better. Very free-form, I am getting away from feeling like I need a pattern. It is so liberating to create for your own self!!! LOVE IT! It also felt kind of Swedish to me, colors and whatnot...but I bet they will have snow for the holidays!
Now all I can think of is TURKEY!!! (thankfulness too....but really being thankful for turkey right now!)
Peace to all-


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

woohoo, yes, so much better to have fun and do it on your own. I remember the days of counted cross-stitch. too much effort! your top is fantastic

Yaz and Rob said...

Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey for me! On a creative note, I finally began kniting again! It took over two years to pick up the needles, but I started a blanket for Saniya. She picked out the yarn she wanted for it when she was all most three. So, there it is, a huge accomplishment that I have been wanting to do since I came to Sweden! Funny what a little daycare for a two year old allows one do.

emilyruth said...

so so awesome
oh my goodness
i love it!