Sunday, November 11, 2007

The whole is not necessarily the sum of the parts...

I have been working on a new quilt. Not in my usual color palette, not in my usual style. Let's just say that I was making some headway on it and then the pieces of it started to look...let's say bad.
In my opinion.
I kind of got lost in the pieces of it, for about a week.
I was coming off of this big quilting high...after my horse projects and this one really got me down.
I just kept seeing the pieces and they did not look like anything good to me. Today, I had an hour or so and I decided to just finally sew what I had finished together and take it off of my design wall for a while. (I just COULD NOT look at it any longer.)
So, I sewed and the time was ticking away....I kept thinking if I could just sew this together a bit faster then I could actually sew on something that could look good...
And I sewed and I began to get more than a little bit annoyed that THIS quilt was taking up so much of MY time. I finished it and then threw it back on the wall and rushed off to a birthday party.
Wait for it...
When I came home I walked in to my craft room, looked up and saw this most BEAUTIFUL, gnomes had not crept in whilst I was away and woven something from spiderwebs....This quilt now looks like I thought that it could, all together you can see the secondary pattern, which I sometimes find more lovely than the primary pattern.
How short-sighted can I be? I forgot the idea about the whole being more than a sum of its parts, can you think of a better way to describe quilting?? life in general?
Well, I am going to ride this creative high for a while. Sometimes you have to relearn the basics every so often....I swear, it was really so ugly.

Here is my quilt that I finished for my Grandma. She loved it. I talked to her this morning and she said that she screamed when she unwrapped it and then cried because she liked it so much. You just HAVE to love a Grandma like mine. Love you Grandma Flora!


emilyruth said...

what a sweet grandaughter you are!
do we get to see the ugly/beautiful quilt?
i hope so...


Yaz and Rob said...

Ok, confusion.. so the pic of the quilt in the entry is not the one that was so frustrating, right? Well, the one posted is beautiful. I also, think a good lesson in seeing the big picture is what I need right now. Is their a bigger picture to the constant humm / chaos of kids?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love your Grandma's quilt - no wonder she shrieked with joy. lookign forward to the quilt that tortured you while in progress.