Sunday, January 13, 2008

Creeping ever forward...

Impromptu Art Table
A Strawberry...

Specials things:
1) Finishing photo albums...up through December 2005...I know it is 2008, but I am FINALLY done with 2005!

2) Funny Asian Buffet dinners...where you can simultaneously watch one child inhale a California roll and the other gorge on a bacon wrapped hot dog (I gagged a bit just now, but he really thought that it was the bomb...just not the kind of bomb that I think.)

3) Watching classy movies like Knight's Tale... Heath Ledger, so young, leather by Queen...DIVINE!

4) Caring Husband who, not only buys me a new camera (it is vital to my life, you know) but also finds out about snazzy program that will replace my camera if anything goes wrong...all for only $55?? I hope that it works. (this last one lasted only 6 months...BUT I did take 5000 pictures...yikes...I think that I need to back it up...)

5) Dear friend writes that she will be returning stateside, maybe by summer.

Sometimes even in the dark of winter, there is a day of sunshine and life is Oh So Grand!


emilyruth said...

oh good!
i'm glad you have something to click
(not just your heels;)
nice job on the photo albums!
it feels good to get them done doesn't it?

& a little whoop whoop
(or whatever that sound is)
for your mention on ali's blog
nice going sister:)

Yaz and Rob said...

Hi, I love that I am mentioned. I am honored. Rob was even looking at Probes last night. There were a ton of positions posted. He was looking to see if anything looked good for him....I think I am ready to go back to Eugene, settle in and have a life. Love that you got a camera! Good job Matt.. and Ben ( on a whole different strawberry matter).

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing kid art. I love the stage where kids' drawings begin resembling what they intend to draw. The strawberry is great! My son is 20 now but I still have his first drawing of a person.