Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Part of the Journey...

Well, my camera and my phone did "give up the ghost" as they say, and it is leaving me to feel like a technical pariah. I was never one to like cell phones...and I was REALLY far behind in the switch from film to digital...but now it has been so sad, like forlorn sad. Last night I was feeling really dramatic, like I just might die without my technology crutches. The cable Internet was on the fritz and my podcasts kept timing out....the list goes on and on.

AND we are at war, people!!!! I am freaking out about my inability to email/photograph/download/Internet surf and we ARE AT WAR!!! What is up with that?

I think that it is just my small, very human desire for control...something, within my small scope of the electronic gizmos. To deny (kind of, if only momentarily) the greater ills of this world. I can rage about the inadequacies of Comcast's service because it is just not too horrible for me to think of...when I start to dwell and educate myself on what is going on in Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Kenya, Darfur...the list goes on and on, I kind of freak out. And what can I really do? What can WE really do? The only thing that I can come up with is to love our families, love ourselves and love our country enough to vote.

I am what some may call a conservative liberal...OR a liberal conservative...I don't care what you may want to call me but I think that we, EACH of us (transcending political parties), need to look how we are living, take responsibility for how we are living, and participate in the Process (VOTE!!). I am fully aware that we all ARE NOT going to agree, this is OK by me as long as people are AWAKE and participating. This is a presidential election year (VOTE!!). We need to let the candidates know what we want, where we want our country to go, how we want to be in the world as a country (VOTE!!). What I am advocating here is simply that "we the people" have an opinion (because I know that we all do, as diverse as they are.) and that we need to make that opinion known to our elected officials, rather than just sit and stew about it.

We can participate by involving ourselves in the election process, informing ourselves about the issues and MAYBE even informing the candidates about OUR issues.

WOW...that was a lot for me... something does have to be done. I need to fight the apathy in myself and I think that any movement forward counts! Please vote in your state's primary election and then please make the small effort and vote in November. It is worth it.

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Yaz and Rob said...

I so agree. Also, there is an overwhelming sense of just general apathy about our role in the U.S. If people really just were educated as to there power in the government it would be a different outcome. But, that does get into the amount of money that goes to education. I just watched Sicko last night by Michael Moore. It is disturbing and a fixable problem...if we vote to fix it!