Friday, January 25, 2008

In a funk...or funky?

Ta-da....El Studio! OLE'

I have been having such a time getting out of the Christmas craft letdown funk...I have been diligently working on my swap quilt and when I finish it the red and green combos are going away...I need some bright springy colors to look at. Speaking of is crazy how they effect my mood. Last night I was really needing a mini vacation from reality. So I went to the "studio", intending to put some work in on the swap quilt...but I couldn't stand to look all that red and green anymore. I love a nice scarlet and olive couplet...but it has been sunny here the last few days and I am really jonesin' for some garden time, some flower power, and some new growth creatively. I started pulling out all of the wild prints that I have purchased in the last few years and throwing them around the room.

I immediately felt better and the cobwebs in my mind fell away a bit. Some of these pairings are, loud, my unique to my taste....but so fun to dream about. I like looking at fabric and I am going to find a way to have it in the front of the stash piles....for inspiration, for escape, for motivation.

I took a fabric pack for our guild's raffle quilt...the first time that I have participated. I think that this is the beginning of my third year as a member and slowly I am feeling like less of a quilting wannabe and more like a quilter and artist. I am excited that when this quilt is done that I will be able to say that I contributed to it's beauty. I think that is going to feel really nice.
My 100th post is just around the corner...I am thinking about a comment drawing to celebrate... seeing all of my stash spread everywhere sure feels like a party...stay tuned!


emilyruth said...

i love seeing all of that fabric in stack & piles & great combinations!
good job chasing the funk away
although i guess having funk & being in a funk are two different things...
out of the funk
& into the 'we want the funk'


Sarah said...

loving the fabrics!! especially that one with teh scalloped circls in blue, brown and green.

Rebecca K. said...

I really liked the flowered quilt picture! I also love loud colors...sista!

Yaz and Rob said...

I am feeling the sluggishness on this side of the world as well. I remember when you joined the Quilters Guild. Ahhh, it has been awhile we have been together!