Monday, January 07, 2008

Snow Business...

Today, a family day...the business of snow.
Maybe, I had wanted to be alone, lost with my own thoughts, working on my own projects.
Maybe, sometimes it is better to do that which can bring unexpected joy, like a short trip to the snow.
I am glad I went,
Glad, to see the glee on a little one's face when he decided that "icky 'now" was just fine to throw.
Glad, to hear peals of laughter as the other son was pelted by snowballs and fell in to the powder.
Very happy.
Glad, I took the risk.



emilyruth said...

so so fun...
i mean snow snow fun!

Left Coast Sister said...

Isn't it great when you take a deep breath and do something else than what you had planned and it was exactly what you needed to do? Love that.
Your kids are a-dor-able. Very. And I love the smooch on the cheek picture.
And I just went back to your estonia pictures. Now there's another place I want to visit someday. But the goth fellow was my favorite. I would have thought those to be buttons. And I agree about the symbol to quilt. And I could go on , but I won't!
Loved these posts!

edwards said...

Hey :) - just wanted to say thanks for the link to the Creative Mom podcast. I had not heard her before + really enjoyed listening. Thanks!


Sarah said...

looks like you had fun!!

Yaz and Rob said...

You guys are so happy! I am glad you wnt to. We had snow here and loved it. It has melted and I am waiting for more!