Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lego love.

"Look Mom, how my face is shining at the camera?"

This was the pick from my son. He liked this one the best.

I was looking for some pictures for a new project I am making, a 365 day photo diary. (I just realized that it is a leap year, so THAT will have to be amended to 366, but so it goes.) I will admit that the first two pictures were done by my husband, but I think that is OK...cleave to one another and all that. If you would like to take a look here I am going to continue to add a few days at a time. I think that this should be interesting (for me at least) I am interested in getting a new perspective in my pictures and distilling a day in to one photo is a intriguing idea to me. We can see where that goes.

As for the New Year, I am trying it out like a pair of new shoes...I really like the look of them but they still seem like they are a bit tight across the top...I am hoping that they will soon ease a bit and I will be walking confidently into the coming months. Maybe just not yet...

I am have also been auditioning new words for the year...My word last year was COMPLETE. I had started with CREATE but it just didn't fit. COMPLETE did and I really put to rest some issues that I had been having about following through with my projects and feeling like a complete person in my own self without extras and the wit and doing things for people....blah blah blah Well, I think that it was sometime, maybe this past summer that I realized that I am enough just me, and that is just great.

So, this year, yeah...I have been trying out words, but thus far, I have not found one that fits....maybe it will come around when these new shoes start feeling right?

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Yaz and Rob said...

Love the pic a day! I will scheck regularly. Try on lots of words for the year and then feel free to change mid year if the whims occurs. I think this is the fun of life, changing our minds when we need or want to.