Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wait and see...

A young photographer snaps a moment...
We are becoming Birders.
Getting SO BIG!
Racing, racing...
My funny wiggy hair and my silly, silly son.

A few of my favorite pictures from today. We lucked out for the most part and the times that we were outside actually the rain was not so bad, and thus we were cured of our cabin fever for the afternoon.

This winter for us has been seeming ESPECIALLY dark, grey, dark, and dark...did I mention dark? Well, as someone who flirts with S.A.D. it has been VERY DARK. I do need to remember that even getting outside for an hour helps immensely.

I have been diligently adding to my 365 diary project over here. BUT there may be a snafu in the works...I am sad to say that my water bottle leaked all over my purse containing my camera and my new cell phone. I am waiting until tomorrow to pronounce the final verdict...but it doesn't look good....they were pretty wet. My memory card did make it, so I was able to salvage the pictures from today and yesterday...but what a bummer. Just yesterday I had given up dissing (can we still use that word, or is it dissin'?) my little powershot and stopped my griping for an SLR and I have been having fun using a higher ISO and no flash and looking at movement and the like....but now, I guess we just have to wait. I am going to continue the series even if the camera is dead...maybe a sketch (kinda scary) or a small quilt block....I can make it work.

Speaking of "making it work" I have come late to the world of "Project Runway", but can I say that I LOVE IT! Super, a lot, LOVE IT. I think that Tim Gunn is just the cat's meow and what a fun show. I really want to start sewing for myself so that I can look really fab, but then I remember that gross purple blouse I tried to make 10 years ago and I think "YIKES sleeves!" Maybe I should take a class...

Well that is the end of this very scattery post...I have an idea for my word for the year...we will see.

I am going to say a little prayer for my camera.


Yaz and Rob said...

What happened... is the camera dust? It is your third camera, like Matt said...! Also, I watched Project Runway here accouple of times. It is really addictive and don't you just have an opinion on all of the clothes? It is funny to think of not going out in the rain. I have become so used to these wacky Swedes that suit up their kids for rain, sleet and snow and truck them out to play. So funny.

emilyruth said...

oh i hope your camera is okay!
that is scary!
& actually i am reading this a few days late
& you have a new post
& it probably says something about it...
i'll have to go there:)

emilyruth said...

ps i L-O-V-E love project runway
i have only seen it on dvd since we don't have any sort of cable
& i am dying to see season four!
why doesn't bravo show their shows online like the other networks do?
wishin' & hopin'


"Make it work"