Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 5: Still sad about a TV show...

Day 5:  I have strong eyes..20/15...even though I wear glasses.

I have been experimenting, with Picasa and in the quilting studio the last 2 weekends.  Here is the top that I finished today complete with an experimental slide show.  My monthly quilt swap challenge, for January is working with solids and Gee's Bend inspired theme.  This top is what happens when I get carried away with my twin tiny quilt to keep.  I really love this palette, it is not one I usually use and I think that all the colors look really "glowy" to me.  I like when that happens. (as you can see I had a hard time finding a way to photograph it will my husband napped and the kids watched "Wow, Wow, Wubbzy"...gotta love a lazy Saturday.)  I also got my 6am chair quilt all sandwiched and started quilting it.  I decided to wait until it is finished for the grand reveal.  It is a large wall quilt, but it will get finished FASTer than if I make it larger. Right now, I am not willing to shelve another half-finished project.  I am about getting it out there and getting on to the next more lingering indecision, there are too many quilts that I need to make.

I have to say that the death of Claire McLeod (fictional character) has made me so sad.  I feel utterly ridiculous about being this attached to a character, but I think that I identified a lot with her.  Seriously, I have been thinking of things that she could have done different so that the Ute wouldn't have gone in to that gully.  Very sad.
Ahhh, the dark days of winter.


Diane said...

This quilt is fabulous ~ amazingly complex piecing, nice balance of warm and cool colors. Am I to understand that this was a little quilt "gone wild?" Which portion of is was the original design? I think I like the checkerboard part best, just because of the sumptuous color. Well done!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What a wonderful quilt. love the color palette and the liveliness.

Katy said...

I'm hyperventilating - that isn't a quilt, it can't be pieced, are you sure it's not one of those cheater cloths? COME ON MISSY, 'FESS UP - it's way too cool, waaaaay too cool. I need to go sit down in a dark room to recover, I think I just fell in love (with you and the quilt)

emilyruth said...

i am confused
so confused due to my lack of quilting knowledge & perhaps my computer's rendering skills
that looks like one piece of fabric
printed or painted!
is it really quilted?
oh my goodness
i knew you were good
i knew you cranked them out with ease & joy
but this
puts you over the top...
so impressive


emilyruth said...

okie dokie
dork girl (me)
press play & you will have the answer!
i love it, jess!
it is so great
& the solid colors look so awesomely graphic