Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day FIFTEEN: One warm hand...

Day FIFTEEN:  I started knitting again...I have finished one wrist warmer.  I swore that I would never wear something like this, but it has been so COLD this year.  We have been below 40F for a long time now, it doesn't sound THAT cold to you below freezing people, but here in Oregon we are damp and cold.  DAMP...  this year it is just chilling me to the bone.  Enter the weird fuzzy yarn and the ONE MITT FINISHED.  I have one warm hand.  I am so excited.  I am going to cast on another tomorrow, I will be toasty before I know it. (if only I was less lazy and didn't just use photo booth to take the picture.)
Here are a few pictures of the fashion show that I went to this weekend.  This dancing outfit was so sweet, plenty of ruffles, and the bows in her hair...just beautiful.
Here is a leg pic of all of the designers, it was so much fun and so inspirational.  My patterns "2" class is going well.  This term we have to sew more of our patterns into samples so perhaps I will finally share my pieces.  We will see.  I am going to attempt my first gathers this week on a little skirt.

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Yaz and Rob said...

Love the leg shot. I think I saw the fashion show in the paper and was wondering if you went. I think you should share your pieces that you make in the class. I know Saniya loves hers.