Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day SIXTEEN: A favorite bathing suit moment...


A favorite moment today:  Swimming in the kiddie pool with my boys.  The little one really wanting to hold the locker room key.  REALLY wanting to.  He wanted to so bad that he sat and played right beside me for a good chunk of time.  He felt so proud to be holding that key.  When he strayed from my side I would remind him, gently, and he would always say "No, Mama, I sit right here, beside you."  It was the sweetness in his eyes as he said it that made my day.  The day, up until this point had been more about him going one way and me needing to go another, sort of a struggle type day.

To see his smiling face say that he wanted to be right by me was what I really needed to hear, right then.  Even if I needed the help of a precious key to hear it.  They just get so big, so fast...this youngest one even faster than his older brother.  


But today they are here with me and we had a wonderful time in the kiddie pool.


Anonymous said...
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Yaz and Rob said...

The kiddie pool and a special Ben moment. Very good.