Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day TEN: Great Eyebrows...

Day TEN:  An ode to my great eyebrows...
You are so bushy, 
and expressive.

You point down
when I get depressive.

You were unruly,
'til I learned to tame you,

You were a mono, but 
with agile tweezers, are now two.

I thank you now 
and every day,

Thanks to you my every thought and 
emotion are on display.

This talent for verse is one of the many reasons my mom always said "It is nice that you are so good at math." But this is MY blog and I will rhyme if I want to!


Katy said...

hoorah for the great eyebrows!

I think JayZ should be quaking in his boots, you're a natural rhymer, I can see you going far...

alobsiger said...

Check out those shapely brows! OK, I'm trying to think of a rhyme for that...

emilyruth said...

love it...


Yaz and Rob said...

You and your eyebrows! I know you have a thing with them and now I really know they are special with their own poem to brigten up our day (and their day).