Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day TWELVE AND THIRTEEN: So, I missed....

Yesterday was sort of busy in an rather non-busy way...I was just out and then trying to catch up on the last season of "Lost" and time does flit away.  It really does.

I attended the graduation of some of the fashion design students in my program and it was GREAT!   There were 6 designers with at least 10 outfits each....making for a soiree of about 60 models of all shapes and sizes.  All of my dates fell through at the last moment and so I went solo.  It was nice and that is the thing that I liked about myself yesterday.  I have finally reached a point that I can attend things alone and not feel weird about it.

Today I was looking in the mirror and I was appreciating my skin.  It is surprisingly clear and not very wrinkled.  I really only have the cute wrinkles, like from smiling, laughing, and thinking too hard.  

I was fiddling with Picasa and figured out how...finally to watermark my pictures and re-size them.  Sometimes it is the timing of everything.  Learning a new system you just have to find the right sequence or "button" and then you think "Why did I ever think that this was so hard??"
We went out walking last weekend and this great old Filbert (that is Hazel nut, for you non-Oregonians) orchard turned arboretum.  First, it was a lovely sunny day in JANUARY!!  Then we lucked out and found this cool honeycomb/hive piece on a picnic table.  We thoroughly examined it and went our merry way.  On our way back around, the path went by this huge tree that had been cut down because of storm damage and there was a HUGE hive that was built inside of it.  There was still honey dripping from it.  It smelled divine.  I hope the bees made their way to a new home before it got cold.  It was so amazing, I hope that the pollinators have a better year of it this year.

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Yaz and Rob said...

Yes, a good day together. I think at 34 your skin is fantabulous. But, really Jessica you are young.